Thirsty Liquor is a great new retail liquor brand that’s going places fast – the banner group has grown from zero to 166+ stores nationwide.

Licensee's benefit from trading under the banner and reap the rewards of a large scale and volume business.

The Directors have a vast amount of experience and are focused on making every retail store stand out. Marketing and promotions are modern, edgy and different from the competitors. 

Thirsty Liquor is a national brand and growing rapidly:  

166+ stores nationwide to date!


  • Lift the profile of your liquor store – bright orange image that ensures your store will stand out from the rest!

  • Group buying power of 166+ stores allows you to receive the sharpest pricing from suppliers - more money in your pocket!

  • Marketing and advertising including monthly radio, newspaper, social media, interactive website at NO COST TO YOU!

  • FREE GWP (Gift With Purchase) offers eg caps, t-shirts, chilly bags, sunglasses, jandals, calendars, magazines etc for your customers!

  • Plenty of in-store promotional activity eg competitions, draws etc for your customers to win some awesome prizes!

  • POS (Point of Sale) system that allows you to receive scan back (again more money in YOUR pocket)!

  • Loyalty Card – the only banner group to offer their customers a Loyalty Card which also allows Thirsty Liquor to interact with consumers via a national database eg advertising to over 40, 800 current members via TEXT PUSH and e-newsletters!

  • Impressive Facebook following with 39,089 engaged fans allows for direct promotion to interested customers.

  • Monthly advertising in all major newspapers nationally

  • Generic branding of shop, staff uniforms & in-store pricing tickets.

  • Annual conference and networking opportunities.

  • Be part of the Group's turnover of over $200 million per annum

  • Financial benefits via rebates / discounts and more!


Transform your store to a National wide leading Thirsty Liquor Store!

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