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Stolen Smoked Espresso Martini

Stolen Smoked Espresso Martini

Is it the weekend yet? We all know James Bond liked his cocktails shaken, not stirred and we like to think his sentiments would have extended to Stolen Rum’s Smoked Espresso Martini.   Ingredients: 45ml Stolen Smoked Rum 30ml espresso 10ml coconut syrup 10ml agave nectar Pinch of salt   Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker; shake with ice, double strain, serve in martini glass. Garnish with coffee beans.
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Citrus Wave Cocktail

Citrus Wave Cocktail

Get in the mood for Spring with this delicious and refreshing sweet citrus cocktail! The recipe below serves 4. Who will you be sharing it with? 😊   INGREDIENTS 240 ml Fresh Orange Juice 160 ml Coruba Gold Rum 4 tsp Sugar 3 tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice   METHOD Easy peasy! Simply stir together the ingredients in a pitcher and you're done. Tastes best poured over ice, and if you're feeling especially fancy, why not pop one of those little cocktail stick umbrell...
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Mai Tai

Mai Tai

The origin of this classic rum cocktail is one of the great debates in tikidom. Both Ernest Beaumont-Gantt (a.k.a. "Donn Beach," the father of tiki culture) and Trader Vic founder Victor Bergeron lay claim to its invention. This version borrows from Beaumont-Gantt's recipe, which adds dashes of Pernod and Angostura bitters for complexity.
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